How are you accommodated during the inspection trip?

We live in self-catering apartments, located in one of the areas we visit during the inspection trip. These apartments are provided by the construction companies. The sizes of the apartments vary from studios (1 room) to 4 rooms & kitchens (3 bedrooms)

How many nights are included during the inspection trip?

Normally we provide for the accommodation for 4 nights. Costs for additional nights will be added. The price for accommodation varies depending on season, in what area we stay, and how big the apartment are. But normally the cost is about 130 GBP / night and apartment. Exact info about this is provided in connection to the tour.

Is it possible to get your own accommodation during the inspection trip?

We try to do the best for all our customers in all situations, but availability of apartments and size of these are based on season, and availability may therefore vary. Please indicate any wishes when you book, and we will try to solve it as well as possible.

Is cleaning included during my stay?

No, cleaning is not included. This is taken care of by each guest during the stay.

Is breakfast included during the inspection trip?

Simple breakfast is usually included during the 4-day tour, but charges may apply.

Which currency to use?

In Northern Cyprus, Turkish Lira (TL) is used. This is easily withdrawn from ATMs on the island.
1 Turkish Lira = GBP 21.33 (2022-07-23) Check www.xe.com for current exchange rates.
TIP! - You get the best exchange rate when you withdraw from the ATM instead of using the exchange offices at the airport.

Is transfer from and to the airport included?

Arrival transfer is included. Departure transfer is not included unless you reserve a property.

Can you rent a car in Northern Cyprus?

Yes, its no problem. There are plenty of different car rental centers on the island. However, keep in mind that various insurance policies apply to Northern and Southern Cyprus and may incur extra costs if you want to cross the border. Feel free to contact us in advance, so we can advise you about affordable alternatives.

Can you help me find flights for my trip?

No, we do not have any possibility to assist with flight bookings. This is because everyone has different requests regarding price, time, place of departure, direct flight, changes etc., which makes it very difficult to meet all requests. We recommend that you search and book your flights on one of the following web pages: