Pine Valley Village

Pine Valley Village was the first village to be built six years ago and consists of 47 apartments including the luxurious VIP apartment with three bedrooms, gold detailing, marble flooring, fireplace, and a massive rooftop with a bbq area, jacuzzi, shower, and the best view of the whole village and the sea, mountains and the city of Kyrenia. It has for many years been the heart of Sun Valley because of the restaurant TARO Restaurant & Bar and the other facilities such as gym, spa, tennis court, and kids' playground that were all built-in connection to Pine Valley Village. In this village, you will also find two pools and an outdoor pool bar which is run by TARO Restaurant & Bar.

Pine Valley Villas

Pine Valley Villas consists of 8 luxurious villas all with private pools, beautiful gardens, and spectacular mountain and sea views. They have all been specially designed according to the customers' needs, while still holding onto the standards of Sun Valley properties. The last villa is currently under construction even though the first ones have been completed for 6 years. All property owners now have the added advantage of not only living in a Pine Valley villa but also having the same access to all the facilities within Sun Valley. It is truly a fantastic benefit for all villa owners to be in Sun Valley as this would have not existed if it was a detached villa somewhere else.

Blue Village

Blue Village is a traditional Mediterranean-style village that consists of 10 very stylish and cozy semi-detached townhouses with beautiful scenery and wonderful views of the mountains, the green valley, and the Mediterranean Sea. Blue Village was the second village to be built in Sun Valley Mountainside and it has been a very popular place for holidays in the past few years. This village is rather idyllic with its original architecture combined with modern and luxurious living. The bright and blue design gives the feeling of happiness and peace and the full combination is unbeatable.

Blue Botanic Village

Blue Botanic Village is a small village in Sun Valley Mountainside and consists of 8 apartments, all of them 3 bedrooms and a mix of penthouses and garden apartments. The residents and holiday owners will have access to all the other pools and facilities in Sun Valley, just like everyone living in the community. In their own village, they will enjoy a beautiful and unique garden view with a grand fountain in the middle. This village also has the absolute best view of the valley and all the pine trees and of course the magical sunset.

Infinity Village

Infinity Village is currently one of the most popular holiday places in Sun Valley that was completed in the beginning of 2019 and consists of 28 luxury ground floor apartments and penthouses. The ground floor apartments are extremely appreciated by both owners and holiday renters as they can just walk out from their living room and straight into the magical infinity pool that is obviously the main attraction to this village with its stunning panoramic views. There are three infinity pools in the village with private access to residents and rental guests only. No one else in Sun Valley is allowed to enter these pools, which makes it a bit more luxurious.

Elegance Village

Elegance Village, which lies in the center of Sun Valley Mountainside, is surrounded by green gardens, small patios, and easy access to the outstanding mountain tracks and all facilities. Elegance Village was completed at the end of 2019 and consists of 24 apartments, both ground floor garden apartments and penthouses. In the centre of Elegance Village you will find a heated outdoor pool, which is in fact the only one in Northern Cyprus.

Cove Village

Cove Village is the most exclusive village in Sun Valley and is located right on the seafront and will have its own beach and marina. The residential part of this village has been completed and seaside facilities are currently under construction. Cove Village consists of 68 luxurious apartments and 7 luxurious bungalows, all with the best sea views and easy access with walking distance to the beach. The building quality is extremely high and the living standard here is above average, but still at affordable prices.