One thing that makes Sun Valley so outstanding is all of the beautiful gardens. You will find unique landscapes with all sorts of plants and flowers that can get your mind to complete silence and peace. Many people practice their yoga and meditation in these gardens and we can guarantee you that these gardens will get rid of that city or family stress of yours.

In Sun Valley gardens you will find lots of flowers, big and small, in different shapes and colours. This is one of the things that makes Sun Valley such a nice place to live and holiday. You are surrounded by beautiful nature and peaceful energy that make you want to stay forever. The architecture in Sun Valley is also done so that all garden apartments actually have a nice green garden in front of them. This means that all residents and guests can enjoy the gardens even if they are still in their apartments.

The Italian Garden

The 'Italian Garden' is growing very rapidly in front of Infinity Village and the landscape design is very unique. You are surrounded by both mountains and sea and if you stay in Infinity apartments you will wake up to this lovely view. We can also guarantee you that this garden will remove lots of your stress because when you walk around here you hear nothing but pure silence.

The Japanese Garden

In Infinity Village you can also find the Japanese Garden whose design is accompanied by Japanese aesthetics and philosophical ideas which are to highlight the natural landscape. You will here find the sculpture of a famous Buddha in the center which is symbolized to give protection and removing any fear, as we want Sun Valley to be your place to find calm and remain faithful.

The Organic Garden

In Cove Village you will find a big soft-land area where organic fruits and vegetables are currently growing. This is Sun Valley's own Organic Garden that will provide all restaurants in the community so that you can enjoy homegrown fruit and vegetables in the menu choices.

Blue Village Garden

In Blue Village you can sit and enjoy a beautiful Ottoman style garden on one of the blue
benches and we can assure you that there is nothing but total peace in this place here.