Mountain hiking
One of the charms of North Cyprus is that it makes a fantastic destination for hikers – the rugged terrain under glorious sunshine just beckons to be explored. Hiking gives you a great opportunity to interact with the best of North Cyprus nature and history and enjoy the magical views that look like a postcard background.

Whilst walking on the coastal paths you will pass dramatic valleys, pine forests, and rocky shoreline with amazing panoramic views of the sea that makes you want to stop and take lots of pictures. And if your kind of fun includes exploring early monasteries and churches, the mountain trails are highly recommended. The ancient buildings are tucked in forests, giving you a chance to learn more about history while also stretching your legs.

It is definitely the variety of landscape on the North Cyprus hikes that make them distinctively remarkable, so you should take at least one or two days to walk in these magnificent mountains. The trails are long but easy to navigate. Just be sure to wear comfortable boots, as the slopes can be dry.

Country: North Cyprus
Level: Easy to Moderate
Duration: Heaps of different routes lasting from a few hours to 2-3 days.

You will find walking paths everywhere along the mountains and the most exciting part is to explore them yourself. So get off the beach, tighten your hiking boots, get onto the trails, and start walking! Good luck!