Discover and enjoy the natural beauty of the island from the pedal of a bike and showcase North Cyprus's stunning landscape.

North Cyprus is a biker's paradise and it's not just because of the guaranteed sunshine. Granted the excellent weather conditions prevailing on the island means cycling can be enjoyed almost throughout the year. Unlike other European or Mediterranean countries, strong headwinds are rare.
The island's compactness is the main attraction, offering rapid changes of terrain and scenery on even the shortest bike trails. Within the space of 10 km, you can go from rocky to clay, and steep to flat, enabling you to experience all surfaces within a short period of time, and making the island into one huge mountain bike arena.

Spinners Bike Shop
'Spinners Bike Shop' is located in Sun Valley Mountainside and here you can come and rent bikes to cycle up the mountain roads and get a good workout while enjoying the magnificent view of Esentepe coastline at the same time. You are welcome to contact us for bike rentals and more information.