2 or 3 bedroom apartments with private terraces
Our most common apartments are located on the mountainside next to a big green valley. When you are here you can truly feel that you are away from city stress, as the area gives you complete peace for your soul.

All the apartments have a simple and modern look that is completely timeless and it is hard not to feel comfortable in one of them. If you live in one of the garden apartments, the architecture here is designed so that all have a nice green garden in front of them.

If you stay in one of our spacious and contemporary penthouses you will have the perfect view overlooking the whole village and the main pool right in the front. Further ahead, on the horizon you see the sea, to your left is the big valley with lots of pine trees and just behind you is the grand Five Finger mountain.
Every evening you are also faced with the most gorgeous sunset here. The light on the village at the end of each day is just breathtaking and it is one of those moments that you can never really get enough of.


2 bedroom townhouses with private rooftops
In Blue Village, you will find those true Mediterranean-style semi-detached townhouses that you dreamed about when you were little.
The traditional Mediterranean interior design, all in white and blue, gives you the natural feeling of the sea and the sky. This design does not only give a traditional and modern look but at the same time, it has a complete peace and calm to it.
This interior design fits perfectly with the Mediterranean-style townhouses in Sun Valley Mountainside that have a charming and unique design with its blue doors and blue vintage window frames seen nowhere else in Northern Cyprus.
There is truly something special with the townhouses in Blue Village. They have a timeless look that never goes out of date.


2 bedroom apartments
The modern apartments in Infinity Village have incredible positions and the view of their own private infinity pool is rather unique. Right outside your balcony, you will find a 47 m long Infinity pool belonging to each apartment. You can even access this pool straight from your patio if you live in one of the ground floor apartments which is pure luxury.

If instead, you live in one of the Infinity penthouses, you will have an even greater view of the sea, the mountains, and the beautiful sunsets in Sun Valley. You are at one of the highest points in the village and you can feel that you are living in an exclusive area.

All apartments in Infinity are also contemporary style and this project was completed in 2019. You can still smell the freshness of these apartments which makes them extremely nice to live in.


3 bedroom apartment with private rooftop
In Sun Valley Mountainside you will find one luxurious designed and decorated VIP penthouse located in Pine Valley Village. The interior design of this penthouse is extremely unique and has even won awards for the best-designed apartment in 2019.
Inside this 3 bedroom apartment, you will find marble worktops, black marble walls, and a beautifully designed white marble kitchen island. All around the apartment you will see beautiful door handles, kitchen, and bathroom taps all in gold. In every room, you have crystal chandeliers and all the furniture is custom made. The floor is made of hardwood and in the center of the apartment, you will find a beautiful grand fireplace.
This penthouse also has a massive rooftop with a kitchen, barbecue, and nice seating area, a jacuzzi, and a shower. All with the fabulous view of the Five Finger Mountains and the clear blue Mediterranean Sea. After a stay in this apartment, we can guarantee you do not want to live anywhere else. The interior is rather spectacular.


3 bedroom villa with private terrace and pool
Pine Valley Villas, locates in the beautiful Sun Valley Mountainside overlooking both sea and mountain with its own private pool and patio. They have all been specially designed for the customers' needs, but they all hold a high-quality standard with two floors, several bedrooms and bathrooms, their own private pool, a large outdoor seating and bbq area, and magnificent views.

Another luxury factor of living in a Pine Valley villa is the access to all the facilities within Sun Valley. Something that would not have existed if it was a detached villa somewhere else, so it is truly a fantastic benefit for everyone staying in a villa here.