Sun Valley is the overall name of this new region on the north coastline of Northern Cyprus and currently includes 7 beautiful villages all of different contemporary and classic styling. Whether you desire a Mediterranean village style townhouse, a sea front bungalow, a cool glass fronted mountain penthouse, garden apartment or even a grand villa – Sun Valley has something for everyone.

Pine Valley Village

Pine Valley Village was the first village to be built five years ago. It has for many years been the heart of Sun Valley because of the restaurant TARO Restaurant & Bar and the other facilities such as gym, spa, tennis court and kids playground that was all built in connection to Pine Valley Village.In this village you will also find two pools. You have the main pool, which is called the 'Waterfall Pool', where also the outdoor pool bar is located and run by Taro. The second pool is a bit further down towards the sea, named the 'Oasis Pool', which is a more quiet pool and surrounded by total greenery and beautiful gardens. Pine Valley Village consists of 47 apartments including the luxurious VIP apartment with three bedrooms, gold detailing, marble flooring, fireplace, and a massive rooftop with a BBQ area, jacuzzi, shower, and the best view of the whole village and the sea, mountains, and the city of Kyrenia. This is a fantastic village in Sun Valley mountainside that everyone falls in love with after a visit or stay. It is located in the purest nature, in complete peace and calm, and together with the high-quality standard of the buildings it becomes extremely luxurious and very rare to find in the whole of Cyprus.

Blue Village

Blue Village is our own traditional Mediterranean-style village that consists of 10 very stylish and cozy semi-detached townhouses with beautiful scenery and wonderful views of the mountains, the green valley, and the Mediterranean Sea. Blue Village was the second village to be built in Sun Valley Mountainside and it has been a very popular place for holidays in the past few years. With a big private pool and several cabanas in the centre of the village, all surrounded by a beautiful green and colourful garden, it has become a good place to relax and enjoy by both families, young couples and elderly people. This village is rather idyllic with its original architecture in combination with modern and luxurious living. The bright and blue design gives the feeling of happiness and peace and the full combination is unbeatable. We are so proud of this village that truly stands out of the crowd, both in Sun Valley but also on the island. You will simply not find another place like this in the whole of Northern Cyprus so it should definitely be worth a visit or more in the nearest future.

Pine Valley Villas

Pine Valley Villas consists of 8 luxurious villas all with private pools, beautiful gardens and spectacular mountain and sea views. They have all been specially designed for the customers' needs, while still holding onto the standard of Sun Valley properties. Recently the last villa was constructed for a very happy customer from Sweden. Owning or renting a villa in Sun Valley is extremely valuable as there are not many. There is always a demand on renting these villas as people want the luxury of having a high quality standard two floors villa, with several bedrooms and bathrooms for a larger group of people, alongside having your own private pool,  large outdoor seating, and bbq area and magnificent views. Another luxury factor of living in a Pine Valley villa is the access to all the facilities within Sun Valley. Something that would not have existed if it was a detached villa somewhere else, so it is truly a fantastic benefit for everyone staying in a villa here.

Infinity Village

Infinity Village has become one of our most popular holiday places. Every week we have new guests coming to enjoy this fabulous village and it's fully booked very quickly. Infinity Village was completed in the beginning of 2019 and consists of 28 luxury ground floor apartments and penthouses. The ground floor apartments are extremely appreciated by both owners and holiday renters as you can just walk out from your living room and straight into the magical infinity pool.The infinity pool is obviously the main attraction to this village with its stunning panoramic views. There are three infinity pools in the village with private access to residents and rental guests only. No one else in Sun Valley is allowed to enter these pools, which makes it a bit more luxurious.The building quality of this village is of course excellent as the whole of Sun Valley keeps an incredibly high standard for being in the Mediterranean. You will not come across a village like this easily in Cyprus, and especially not on the north coastline, so we are very happy that lots of people are talking about this place and that it has become so popular.

Elegance Village

Elegance Village is located between Pine Valley Village and Infinity Village and surrounded by green gardens, small patios and easy access to the outstanding mountain tracks and all facilities.This village is located in the centre of Sun Valley Mountainside and is just a few meters away from both Taro restaurant and pool bar, kids playground, gym, spa, bike shop, mini market and concierge. Elegance Village was completed at the end of 2019 and consists of 24 apartments, both ground floor garden apartments and penthouses. In the centre of Elegance Village you will find a heated outdoor pool, which is in fact the only one in Northern Cyprus. The heated outdoor pool is a big plus to whole Sun Valley as it becomes very attractive winter time when it can still be pleasant weather and sunny outside, but it might be too cold to swim in the pool or in the sea. Even though there will soon come an indoor pool to Sun Valley, nothing beats swimming outside when you're in the Mediterranean. In Elegance Village this becomes a reality with a 27°C outdoor pool all year around.There are just a few apartments left for sale in the whole Sun Valley Mountainside, so if you are considering living in our lovely community, then Elegance Village has a few great apartments left for sale. Not many though, so you have to be quick if you want one of the last ones!

Blue Botanic Village

Blue Botanic Village is our latest project and is finalized in just two weeks. This is the last existing village in Sun Valley Mountainside and apart from another pool, it will bring to the community a lovely botanic garden. We really look forward to next summer when we can fully enjoy it.Blue Botanic Village consists of 8 apartments, all 3 bedrooms, and a mix of penthouses and garden apartments. The residents and holiday owners will have access to all the other pools and facilities in Sun Valley, just like everyone living in the community, and in their own village they will enjoy this beautiful and unique garden view with a grand fountain in the middle.Another benefit of this place is that it has the absolute best view of the valley and all the pine trees. Also, no other place in Sun Valley Mountainside has the same magical sunset as Blue Botanic Village. So living here is pure magic and absolutely stress free as you are surrounded by incredible nature and spectacular views.

Cove Village

The most exclusive village in Sun Valley is called Cove Village and is located right on the seafront with its own beach and marina. The residential part of this village has been completed and seaside facilities are currently under construction. Cove Village consists of 68 luxurious apartments and 7 luxurious bungalows, all with the best sea view and easy access, walking distance to the beach. The building quality is as always extremely high and the living standard here is above average, but still at an affordable price. In Cove Village you will be able to find two restaurants (one at the beach and one in the village), a beach bar, sailing and water sports, open-air cinema, paddle tennis court, organic garden (supplying all Sun Valley restaurants and bars), an amphitheater where there will be dance, yoga and other events held. You cannot find another seafront village in the Esentepe region with all these facilities, which is a huge plus for Sun Valley. Another uniqueness of this village is the exclusive marina with a beautiful lighthouse at the end of the pier. This marina will be the very first one in the Esentepe region and therefore we are extra proud to be able to give this access to all our residents and guests. You will also find a small historical chapel down by the beach that will be renovated and updated perfectly for your private beach wedding, which can be arranged by us.

Cove Garden Village

Our other village in Sun Valley seaside is called Cove Garden Village, and it is located just behind Cove Village. The village consists of 96 luxurious apartments, both garden apartments, and penthouses, all with both sea and mountain views. In this village, you will find a big communal pool, a restaurant, and a sky bar, all located in the centre of the village. Just behind Cove Garden, you will also find a big green valley with lots of pine trees which gives the great feeling of living with nature, as it is so close to you. You will also have direct access to Cove Village with the private beach and marina and because it is within walking distance you can easily enjoy all the facilities in Cove Village while staying in Cove Garden Village. Cove Garden Village offers a bit more smaller units than standard apartments in Sun Valley, but at a more affordable price than Cove Village and still with the same quality and good choice of materials. This has been created to be able to attract a bigger range of people to Sun Valley which has been very appreciated. This village is still under construction, but already more than 85% of the apartments have been sold. Cove Garden Village is planned to be completed in 2022.